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Bison Inc. Products

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The Side Court Package includes a Dura Steel™ Fan Backboard and Recreational Flex Goal.  Stationary structures extends 12" to 48" from the wall.


MSRP: $1,753.00
BPI Price: $1,577.70
(Savings: $175.30)
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Hand crank moves this 54″ x 36″ glass backboard with ease.  Easy-to-operate removable hand crank adjusts goal height from official 10′ to as low as 7-1/2′ for play by kids of all ages.

MSRP: $1,472.00
BPI Price: $1,324.80
(Savings: $147.20)
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For the look of a professional court at a budget price.  Official size flex goal raises and lowers with ease on this system that features a 32″ x 48″ clear rectangular backboard.

MSRP: $939.00
BPI Price: $845.10
(Savings: $93.90)
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Our lowest cost adjustable wall mount system.  Move the goal height from 7-1/2′ to 10′ in 6″ increments with a broom handle from the floor.

MSRP: $712.00
BPI Price: $640.80
(Savings: $71.20)